6 employees fall ill after gas flow from mill in Maharashtra | Thane News


PALGHAR: At least half a dozen employees fell sick on Monday after being subjected to some poisonous gas which leaked from a mill at the MIDC industrial property at Boisar in Maharashtra, fire brigade officials said. An officer in the Boisar MIDC fire station stated the gas discharged out of a tank of this mill containing formaldehyde chemical.
Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gasoline employed in creating building materials and lots of household solutions.
The depreciation occurred around 7. 20am before operations began from the mill, but the gasoline spreadto nearby industrial components impacting employees there, he explained.
Employees in the adjoining components complained of irritation in the eyes, nausea, and itchingand problem in breathing among other complications,” he said.
at least half a dozen employees fell ill and were rushed to nearby hospitals in which they’re said to be out of risk, the official stated.
A probe is underway into the incident, he added.


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