203 villages beneath Thane zilla parishad currently’corona free’ | Thane News


THANE: A total of 203 villages beneath Thane Zilla Parishad don’t have some coronavirus positive instances and the panchayats there have set green flags up to underline the effort, Chief Executive Officer Hiralal Sonawane stated on Sunday.
He told PTI that cities that do not record some COVID-19 situation for 28 times are termed’corona free villages’.
The official advised that Thane district has 430 village panchayats whatsoever.
“The healing rate in the rural areas of the district is 79. 24 percent,” he added.
District Health Officer Manish Renge said diminishing rate of instances from the ZP region was currently 84 days.
Thane ZP PRO Pankaj Chavan stated that there were 11,257 coronavirus favorable cases in its own jurisdiction, directed by Bhiwandi using 4,536.
“A total of 8920 individuals have regained while the death toll so far is 338. The amount of active instances is 1,999,” he explained.


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