Woman struggling to bear kid attempts to finish lifetime, rescued | Surat News


Surat: A 54-year-old girl , who desired to end life as for not having the ability to bear a child, has been spared from the 181 Abhyam group (women’s helpline) at Navsari on Thursday.
“We received a call that a woman was likely to end her own life close to a water system in Navsari. We immediately hurried to the area and rescued the lady until she took some extreme measure,” said a senior executive from 181 Abhayam.
“The girl didn’t need to disclose her identity to us. She advised us that she wished to end her life since she had been sterile. She said that she wasn’t facing any type of harassment from her loved ones,” said an officer.
“But, she didn’t wish to visit her in-laws location, so we sent her into a women’s shelter residence where she’s being counselled,” said the other Abhayam official.


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