Surat’s CCIC version for Covid-19 patients place to be emulated throughout the nation | Surat News


SURAT: The Community Covid Isolation Centre (CCIC) version for the treatment of this Covid-19 patients entitled to home isolation is set to be emulated in several nations.
The Union health ministry, Government of India has issued recommendations about July 17 to all of the states throughout the nation for its emulation of Surat’s CCIC version by the communities, social businesses and residential communities for healing the Covid-19 positive patients with moderate and mild symptoms, who don’t need hospitalisation.
Official sources stated about nine CCICs together with the entire ability of 766 beds are set up by different communities such as Patidar Samaj, Dawoodi Bohras, Rana Samaj, Vataliya Prajapati, Ahir Samaj, Jains, Vaishnavs etc. over town. In addition, the societal organisations such as Maruti Veer Jawan Trust and Koshish Charitable trust, also have set up CCICs with 175 beds for curing both the Covid-19 patients.
The idea of the CCICs was launched in the town’s Katargam zone in which the Samast Patidar Samaj and the Vataliya Prajapati Samaj had set up CCICs because of their community members don’t have the house isolation centers.
A senior officer of SMC stated,”The CCICs version was launched in the behest Condition’s Health secretary, Dr Jayanti Ravi, civil commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani and State Finance secretary, Milind Torawane. Currently, you will find 776 beds at the CCICs together with the capability to scale up the mattress center to approximately 650 beds”
He added,”It’s a matter of pride for the town which the CCIC version is place to be emulated throughout the nation”.


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