Student retains Covid patients on a high with his songs | Surat News



Surat: Do not hesitate to hear music coming from Atal Samvedna Covid Care Centre in Althan. It is a young guy who has consumed the onus of keeping the patients admitted here entertained.
Jenish Surti, a school student, was attempting to calm the pressures of Covid-19 patients for the last couple of weeks with his calming music.
Lately, Jenish, who’d firsthand experience with all the strain following his sister and parents got infected with the virus, comprehends how hard it’s to handle the injury. He, therefore, decided to assist other patients receive relief from these pain through audio.
Jenish is performing his postgraduate studies in Sanskrit and performs audio also.
“Individuals that suffer from physical pain can also be passing through psychological stress. Head is the origin of pain. If a individual is strong-willed, they is able to recover quickly from any illness. Music can play an essential part in providing a stress-free surroundings to the sufferers,” Jenish told TOI.
“My sister Roshni got infected with Covid-19 and has been declared here. I started giving my voluntary solutions . Once she recovered and went home, my parents have infected and this has been the toughest time for me personally. Then I thought of the rest of the patients undergoing therapy and their psychological stress. So, I started playing with the guitar to amuse them in the Covid care center,” he added.


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