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Municipal Corporation (SMC) has made the rapid antigen test free

Surat: In a way to assist taxpayers suffering from suspected Covid-19 symptoms get immediate medical care, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has produced the rapid antigen test not just in the Dhanvantri Raths, but in its own wellness centers.
Official sources stated that the health staff in the Dhanvantri Raths and the wellness centers will pick on performing free quick evaluation based on the principal health screening of those patients that approach them with suspected symptoms such as ARI.
“There wasn’t any cost levied on rapid antigen evaluation from the very start. Now, those with guessed symptoms can see Dhanvantri Raths or the wellness centers and get themselves assessed,” explained Banchhanidhi Pani, municipal commissioner, including that just those discovered with suspected symptoms and ARI will be supplied free support.
Based on Pani, the evaluation facility has already begun in Dhanvantri Raths and SMC health centers throughout the city. City has approximately 121 Dhanvantri Raths where approximately 40,000 individuals get screened for Covid-19.
It has to be mentioned that the SMC has made two private agencies such as executing the rapid antigen test of their employees employed in the industrial components such as textile and diamond industry. The device owners will need to bear the costs for analyzing of the employees.
weekly, the SMC enabled the diamond components to execute operations with two employees on emery wheel together with the rule for executing the rapid antigen evaluation of the employee.
It is thought that the SMC has taken the choice for its free testing of those with suspected symptoms in the Dhanvantri Raths and health centers to steer clear of the industrial components on accepting the undue advantage of the service supplied by the civic body.


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