Pupils pay fees require, seek comfort | Surat News


Surat: The pupils of BTech, MTech and MSc courses at the Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) have raised objection to the fees need increased by the institute asserting that it was greater than the past year. They also have maintained that the institute has been requesting for hostel fees once the pupils aren’t using the facility and analyzing remotely from their houses.
Many students also have asked fees waiver or comfort in payment because parents of most have lost their source of revenue and aren’t in a position to pay charges for the whole semester. Some pupils will also be opposing the tuition prices asserting that the institute wasn’t incurring additional costs of instruction.
But, police in the SVNIT claimed they were only collecting maintenance charges rather than complete fees for hostels in the 4,000-strange pupils studying there.
“Pupils are studying in their place through online courses. Thus the pupils should be awarded some comfort in fees until the regular operations of this institute resumes,” stated a BTech pupil.
Pupils of MTech also have raised the problem through their agent in pupils’ council. “Despite several orders, the institute government aren’t doing anything to resolve the issue,” stated an MTech pupil.
“We do not have the fiscal flexibility to waive off charges in the present circumstance. The institute must cover upkeep and maintenance for which we’re collecting only costs from the pupils rather than complete hostel fees,” stated S T Gandhi, manager, SVNIT. He maintained that the selection of fees has been approved during a meeting of directors of NITs.
With respect to the rise in hostel fees, Gandhi stated,”The hostel prices haven’t been revised for its past 10 years. We were advised from the Ministry of Education to revise the charges on a regular basis, so we’ve improved it.”
“The institute let local pupils to remain in their place but they might need to cover the hostel fees because we’ve developed the centre and keeping it. There are not any strategies of comfort in fees for neighborhood students now,” Gandhi said.


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