New Alzheimer’s therapy has a Surat link | Surat News


New Alzheimer’s therapy has a Surat link Surat News

Surat: If millions benefit from the new therapy for Alzheimer’s diseases in the next few years, the role of a scientist from Surat would be etched in the memory of many.
Dr Kumpal Madrasi, who did his schooling and college in Surat, has played a key role in development of the therapy that uses aducanumab, an antibody, which delays Alzheimer’s related deterioration of the patient’s cognitive abilities.
Two companies – US-based Biogen and Japan’s Eisai – are jointly leading the phase 3 clinical trials for this therapy for which the USFDA has granted them application priority review, cutting time allotted for the review to six months from 10 months.
“Aducanumab is an antibody derived from people who have successfully resisted Alzheimer’s disease. The preliminary data from the trials show that it is effective in slowing down the decline of cognitive abilities,” Dr Kumpal, 35, who studied in Surat’s Umrigar Memorial School, told TOI.
Dr Kumpal, 35, was responsible for preparing simulation models using complex calculus and physics rules to understand the uptake of the drug in various body tissues, including the brain. “The simulation models were used by Biogen to determine the dosage regimen for the new drug,” he said.
“Aducanumab has shown promising results in not only reducing symptoms but also slowing down the brain damage in Alzheimer’s,” explained Dr Kumpal, who completed his biomedical engineering from Florida International University in Miami, the US.
In addition to aducanumab, he prepared predictive simulations other kind of drugs too that were clinically tested for their efficacy, a study in which he found that aducanumab was by far the most successful in lowering levels of amyloid beta plaque, one of the proteins whose buildup causes dementia.
“If approved next year, aducanumab will be the first clinically proven therapy that can be used to delay Alzheimer’s related decline of cognitive abilities,” said Dr Kumpal, who currently works as a principal scientist at EMD Serono.
According to estimates, nearly four million people in India suffer from some form of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. With quality of life improving and people living longer, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is life changing for the patient and their family members, he added.
In a statement issued August 7, Michel Vounatsos, CEO, at Bioge, said: We believe that aducanumab marks the beginning of a new era of potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease that will inspire even more discovery and innovation to bring hope to those affected by this devastating disease.”


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