LRD cop that took on minute’s son would like to become IPS | Surat News


Document photo of cop Sunita Yadav questioning ministry Kumar Kanani’s son (in crimson T-shirt)

Surat: Sunita Yadav, the lok rakshak dal (LRD) constable, that became an overnight Twitter feeling for carrying to a minister’s kid for defying curfew, voiced her desire to resign stating that she would like to pursue civil services examination and be an IPS officer.
On Monday, Yadav went to fulfill town police commissioner RB Brahmbhatt and following talks with other senior officers, she was eventually permitted to meet him. Yadav educated the very best cop that she wishes to become an IPS officer and also serve the society expressed her desire to resign from this article.
“I taught her to act properly with folks. No police officer must use abusive language with individuals,” Brahmbhatt told TOI.
Yadav had ceased nation’s junior health minister Kishore alias Kumar Kanani’s son Prakash about July 8 that had been detained on Sunday along with his 2 friends for defying curfew orders. Yadav’s movie and sound clips questioning Prakash for violating curfew orders had gone viral. Depending on the movie, they have been detained and released on bond. But, Yadav found enormous support on Twitter following the episode.
On Monday, a different movie and pictures of this girl cop surfaced. In one such movie, Yadav is observed which makes folks do sit-ups outside stores in Varachha place for breaking social networking rules. Wearing a camouflage printed mask, she’s also observed threatening to strike folks with her baton.
“The episode was brought to see senior police officers of Varachha police station and she had been changed to some other place as sailors complained about her impolite behavior. There are complaints about she using abusive language,” said a senior police officer. A photograph where Yadav is seen posing with an automobile using a board’police’ written on it was also doing rounds social networking. The vehicle is registered in name of her dad Madanlal.
Keys of a twitter handle along with her name and photograph registered in March 2012 also went viral. Over the last couple of days, multiple bogus accounts with Sunita Yadav’s title and photographs also have cropped up.
On Monday, her Whatsapp screen picture (DP) was of Priyanka Chopra within an IPS officer she played with Bollywood film Jai Gangajal. On the photograph, it’s composed IPS targets on picture image of burning fire.


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