Indonesia eager to start direct flight into Surat | Surat News


captionConsul overall of the Republic of Indonesia, Agus P Saptono in assembly with SGCCI staff on Wednesday

Surat: There appears to be some fantastic news to its Surtis since Indonesia has revealed its interest for beginning a direct trip to the city.
Consul general of the Republic of Indonesia, Agus P Saptono, had seen the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) Together with the Indonesian delegation on Wednesday. Saptono said that Indonesia is eager to begin the airport service to Surat for the promotion of commerce, tourism and commerce within another few months.
“The government of Indonesia has given a go ahead for beginning immediate flight connectivity to Mumbai and Delhi after the global flight restrictions are raised in India. We’ve suggested to associate Indonesia using Surat for your own company and tourism goal,” explained Saptono.
“In the educational area, both the nations have developed scholarship plan to assist pupils in Indonesia and India under the schooling exchange programme. There’s a massive chance for the fabric traders in Surat for accessing business opportunities in Indonesia,” additional Saptono.
“This was time post-lockdown any overseas delegation has seen the SGCCI. The consul general of Indonesia seen Surat and he’s suggested to begin a direct trip between Indonesia and Surat. At the moment, Surat includes a lone global trip to Sharjah. The consul general will probably be talking with the government for beginning the flight solutions,” said Dinesh Navadiya, president of SGCCI.
“Bali in Indonesia isn’t merely the tourism destination for Surti travellers, but it’s also the business destination for those entrepreneurs in the bead and textile businesses. We’ve urged the undercover agents for beginning an immediate flight relationship between Surat and Bali to ease the company and leisure travelers in town,” said Rohit Mehta, president of Indo-Thai room of MSME.


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