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SMC officials closed down the Surat Textile Market on Ring Road

Surat: With the spike at the Covid-19 instances , four fabric markets on Ring Road and 152 stores in three other fabric markets were closed by the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Monday till further notice, to include the spread of this disease.
Official sources stated that four fabric markets such as JJ Textile Market, Surat Textile Market (STM), Millennium Textile Market and Raghukul Textile Markets were closed from the civic officials following over three Covid-19 cases were discovered among the textile store owners and employees in the past couple of days.
About 152 cloth stores in three other fabric markets such as Annapurna, Golden and New Textile Market (NTM) were closed by the civic government on account of the growth in the Covid-19 instances.
Resources stated that roughly 400 Covid-19 cases are reported by the textile business and that bulk are about the textile markets.
In a notification issued on Monday, civic chief Banchhanidhi Pani said that the fabric markets, cloth powerloom units etc. will probably be closed for seven days at the instance where one or more Covid-19 cases could be detected.
After the closure actions by the civic government, the office-bearers of Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association (FOSTTA) fulfilled Navsari MP CR Patil together with the need that just the wing or the ground in where the Covid-19 instances are detected has to be closed instead of shutting down the whole sector.
“In the daytime we sealed four fabric markets following more Covid-19 cases were reported from there. But by day we obtained an order to close just the wing of this marketplace from where the Covid-19 instances are detected rather than the whole markets,” stated a senior SMC officer.
“The ground or the wing of the specific marketplace where Covid-19 instances are available will be closed for a week,” he added.
The activity came after Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had visited the town on Saturday to examine the problem after the spike from the Covid-19 instances from town. Rupani had said that the government will likely be taking decision about the performance of this fabric and diamond markets on Monday.
“We’ve asked to not close the whole markets in case one or more instances are listed and that it’s been approved by the government. All marketplace managements are issued with rigorous advisory to adhere to the SOP issued from the authorities or the markets will probably be closed,” explained Champalal Bothra, secretary of FOSTTA.
“Since the day that the Covid-19 instances from fabric markets have climbed, the majority of the fabric traders are willingly not seeing the markets. Hardly 50percent of the stores are operational on the marketplace. The entrance of incomplete and finished fabric from fabric mills and powerloom units is already prohibited from the markets,” explained Rangnath Sarda, a fabric store owner.


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