Famous Bharuch paediatrician succumbs to Covid-19 | Surat News


Surat: About National Doctor’s afternoon, a pall of gloom descended upon the medical fraternity at Bharuch as a renowned paediatrician reacted to Covid-19 disease at a private hospital at Vadodara on Wednesday.
Dr Mayank Pittaliya, 62, that had been conducting a personal children’s hospital at Bharuch’s Panch Batti because 1983, had tested positive for the lethal virus on June 10 and has been admitted into the Jayaben Modi hospital at Ankleshwar.
Incidentally, Dr Pittaliya was created on July 1, 1958.
After undergoing therapy for a couple of days, Dr Pittaliya complained of breathlessness and has been changed to the Vadodara-based Tricolor Hospital on June 16. On June 19, Dr Pittaliya’s spouse Meera also tested positive.
There were rumours on June 16 which Dr Pittaliya had reacted to the Covid-19 disease in Vadodara.
But to put the rumours to rest, Dr Pittaliya took a movie in the hospital and sent it over societal networking platforms telling he had been fine and appreciated the treatment in the Jayaben Modi hospital at Ankleshwar.
He stated in the movie he was recovering and will return to Bharuch.
annually on his birthday, Dr Pittaliya was able to celebrate the day as National Doctor’s Day in Bharuch together with his patients and the physicians’ fraternity.
Resources stated that the Dr Pittaliya’s spouse is also battling for her life at precisely the exact same hospital and is on oxygen assistance. Their son Riddish Pittaliya is located in Perth, Australia.
The hospital resources in Vadodara affirmed that Dr Pittaliya expired at roughly 12. 30 pm Wednesday. He had been suffering from co-morbid ailments including hypertension and diabetes.
Because of this Covid-19 infection, his kidneys were severely affected.
Dr Nilesh Patel, Epidemic Medical Officer (EMO) stated,”Following Dr Pittaliya had tested positive of the virus, roughly 87 of the patients such as their parents had been screened. Luckily, all of the reports turned negative.


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