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Surat: The Covid-19 outbreak that’s changed working patterns globally has forced cops to modify how that they deal with offenders.
It’s no secret that from the pre-Covid age cops used to nab suspects, maintain them for hours together before they had been officially shown as”detained”. This often-attracted litigations and occasionally adverse comments by courts illegal detentions along with allegations of tortures inside police stations.
However in Covid age, cops have begun releasing accused from police channels on bail shortly after their arrest in these instances where they have the ability to grant bail.
With directives from Gujarat High Court to run Covid-19 evaluation before making any accused in court, cops are preventing arrest until the evaluation results are announced. Although unwilling, they are made to maintain the suspects in their custody with no formal arrest.
Before, numerous suspects were retained in undisclosed locations until they had been officially arrested.
Currently they are directly pushed within law enforcement lock-up as soon as they are arrested. Cops eagerly anticipate results of Covid evaluation so they can complete the proper processes of arrest and create the accused in the courtroom immediately.
“Formerly, suspects were retained in custody to allow them to sing as in important situations, we (cops) aren’t sure that court will give custody for sufficient days to discover the offense. However, the situation has changed today. Without evaluation, no one wishes to keep suspects in custody,” said a cop.
So much, 25 accused have tested positive of Covid-19. At precisely the exact same period, 30 policemen, home protector, SRP and visitors jawans also have tested positive while an assistant sub inspector out of Mahidharpura police station has passed away because of Covid-19.
When a defendant tests positive, he’s hospitalised and cops detain himor her just after release.
“Authorities aren’t arresting accused until Covid-19 evaluation results are understood. They’re even preventing protracted questioning if the offense is already discovered to prevent coming in close contact,” city police commissioner R B Brahmbhatt told TOI.
“Authorities must be really careful and use all protective equipment whilst managing suspects. They’ve been instructed to prevent coming in touch with suspects without even understanding their health status,” Brahmbhatt added.


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