Burglars elevator ATM to orbit, steal Rs7.4L | Surat News


Surat: At a bold loot, burglars stole an total ATM, took it into some farm, dismantled it took off almost Rs 8 lakh from it around Surat in the wee hours of Wednesday.
Three individuals targeted at the ATM of Surat District Cooperative Bank in Takarma village at the limits of Kim Police Station. The raised the whole machine, which weighs minimal 500 kg and took it in an isolated place in a farm approximately 150 ft off. They utilized cutters to split open the money tray and removed Rs . 44 lakh. They stopped leaving the ruined machine .
The incident occurred sometime between 1am and two am. Authorities are examining the CCTV footage however, the thieves had their faces covered.
“We’ve shared the pictures with different police stations to have clues about the thieves. But we haven’t got any particular information till today,” said a police officer.


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