State milk federation to establish’immediate kheer’ now | Ranchi News


Ranchi: You can prepare and consume your favorite dessert’kheer’ in just fourteen minutes, as a result of this Jharkhand Milk Federation that has produced a fresh product which may be created ready like the two-minute instant noodles.
Officials of this state-run federation said the new product is going to be launched Wednesday and marketed under the brand name Medha.
Amritesh Kumar, head of advertising of this brand, stated,”The item,’Medha Kheer Mix’ is going to soon be more healthy and very affordable.”
He explained,”One package will provide four bowls and will likely be priced at Rs 30.” Kumar stated’kheer’ was selected due to its prevalence across India’s kitchens.
“Originally, we’ll create 120 kg to 200 kg of this mixture from the Medha plant in Hotwar. The item will be provided throughout the state. It includes roasted’sooji’, sugar and milk as components and will be packed, which can provide it a shelf-life of two weeks,” Kumar added.
Agriculture minister Badal Patralekh will officially unveil the product in the Hotwar plant. Patralekh will also establish’Sanjeevani Herbal Garden‘ in the plant. The backyard will have medicinal properties such as giloi, tulsi, lemon grass and ashwagandha.
“The job was developed considering the rising tendency of individuals towards herbal products,” Kumar explained.


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