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GWALIOR: The 27-year old Jharkhand guy, who drove 1,200 kilometers on a scooter along with his pregnant wife sitting pillion so she could appear within a test for aspiring teachers, obtained air tickets to their return travel out of here. The tribal bunch, Dhananjay Kumar (27) and his wife Soni Hembram (22), proceeded to the two-wheeler out of Ganta Tola village at Godda district of Jharkhand to achieve Gwalior, a center for DEd (Diploma in Education) examination, demanded to be eliminated by people needing to take up teaching tasks.
The desire to see his spouse turned into a schoolteacher motivated Kumar, who himself studied until class 8, to tackle the arduous journey, covering greater than 1200 kilometers across four countries, braving rains and poor roads in the middle of COVID-19-imposed lockdown.
Following the couple’s story appeared in press, that the Adani Foundation provided them airline tickets for their return travel to achieve their own house in Jharkhand.
“Dhananjay and Soni’s marathon journey was a journey of success, resilience & fantastic optimism. We @AdaniFoundation are humbled to organize for their comfy return travel to Godda & grateful to the regional press for bringing this inspirational story to light,” the base’s chairperson Priti Adani stated in a tweet Saturday.

Dhananjay Kumar on Sunday advised that Adani Foundation has supplied them with air tickets from Gwalior to Ranchi for September 16.
Because there’s not any direct flight from Gwalior to Ranchi, we’ll reach there through Hyderabad, he explained, adding that he’ll reach his house in Godda district by street from Ranchi.
He advised the base will even arrange to send his scooter back, which he employed for attaining Gwalior, to his house in Jharkhand.
Kumar also stated that he’s received a telephone call in the district management of Godda (Jharkhand) stating they will arrange a car for them to achieve home from Ranchi.
Meanwhile, the Gwalior’s district government has organized the accommodation for the few close to the exam center, he advised.
So far, the couple was living about 15-kilometers away from the center on leased accommodation.
Kumar reported that the district government has also organized the wellbeing care of his pregnant wife and she had been discovered completely wholesome.
The few had mortgaged their jewelry to raise Rs 10,000 to satisfy their expenditures to achieve Gwalior.
Dhananjay explained that a Mumbai-based woman also deposited Rs 10,000 in his accounts to return jewelry that he had uttered. Some individuals from Godda also known as him promising to organize a project for him,” he explained.
The few had came here on August 30 to get DEd examination being ran by the MP Board of Secondary Education. The examination will last until September 11.
“We started off on August 28 dawn and en route remained a night every night in Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and Lucknow to achieve Gwalior on our scooter,” said Kumar, who had been employed as a cook using a secretary until he lost his job three weeks ago due to the lockdown.
Kumar’s wife Soni previously said I presumed it will not be feasible for me to look in this evaluation however after seeing my husband’s determination and guts, I got prepared for this very long trip.
“We faced a great deal of difficulty as a result of rains. I received a gentle fever en route, but everything is fine. I shall apply for a teaching job in Jharkhand and that I am certain that I’ll get chosen,” Soni, who got married to Kumar in December this past year, stated.


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