HC asks DLSA to critique Covid prevention steps from jails | Ranchi News


Ranchi: Having some Covid-19 cases reported by state prisons, a high-profile committee on Saturday examined the steps taken up to avoid the spread of this disease among offenders. The video conference was chaired by Jharkhand high court chief justice H C Mishra.
Resources said that the committee has arranged the District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) members must see jails and examine anti-Covid structures set up. The group is expected to produce suggestions for improvement of security measures. Covid cases are detected in a number of jails, such as Sahebganj and Khunti districts.
Inspector General (prison) Sashi Ranjan, plus a part of the committee, stated,”We’re aware of the situation and preventative measures are being accepted. All accused persons delivered on remand into jails are put under quarantine. Testing of new offenders for Covid-19 was made compulsory.”
He explained the prison government is likely to change offenders from overcrowded jails into the new prison in Sakchi, which includes a capacity to house 300 individuals, also Barhi, together with space for 325 offenders The Sakchi prison has begun working while Barhi jail is scheduled to start shortly.
Ranjan stated a high number of inmates were changed from the overcrowded jails into the prisons with comparatively lesser offenders recently. Stating that before some jails were packaged at 200percent of the capability, he added that the occupancy in virtually all jails is approximately 115percent currently.
Resources stated 100 PPEs are supplied in each prison at the country and masks and sanitizers also have been distributed in massive numbers.
The committee, formed on the management of Supreme Court to reduce spread of Covid-19 at jails, has given a set of directions to the government in its consecutive meetings. One of these is to maintain the amount of inmates in jails well inside the maximum capability.
A education has also been passed on to sensitize the offenders about social distancing and usage of masks, soaps and sanitizers.


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