Ex-mins Enos, Peter Covid infected in Birsa prison epidemic | Ranchi News


RANCHI: Former country ministers Enos Ekka and Raja Peter, serving prison conditions from Birsa Munda central prison in various instances, are one of the 54 offenders and prison staff who’ve tested positive for Covid-19 in the previous couple of days.
Jail inspector general (IG) Birendra Bhushan stated,”A total of 40 offenders and 14 prison employees are diagnosed with the disorder at the central prison until date. Steps have been taken to maintain them in isolation so the disease doesn’t spread to other offenders.”
Bhushan, who’s himself have become re after two of his bodyguards examined positive and will shortly be tested for the virus, included the prison government has written to the district government to change the patients into hospitals with appropriate security set up.
Meanwhile, the prison government will review the preventative steps taken at jails following the spurt in coronavirus instances. Curbs also have been set on group actions within the prison.
Following the leadership from the Supreme Court, a high-profile committee led by high court justice Mishra had advocated a set of steps for controlling the spread of Covid from the jails. The recommendation of this committee, that included shifting offenders from busy jails, quarantine of fresh offenders and social distancing, are being followed at each prison of their nation.


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