Two assaulted in Morbi over previous rift | Rajkot News


Police identified six detained included in the battle Tuesday

Rajkot: 2 persons were assaulted and their homes were pelted with rocks and glass bottles at Morbi on Tuesday evening within a previous rift.
The sufferer Abdul Vhatti along with his buddy Gul Mohammed were sitting in a junction close to their house in Machhipith place when they had been attacked by six individuals. Both accused are identified as Shahrukh Khod,” Hussain Khod, Aslam Khod, Iran Khod, Jusab Khod and Imran Khod. The duo was blasted with pipe and wooden rods.
As they somehow managed to escape, both, Vhatti and Gul Mohammed concealed in Vhatti’s home. The six accused, nevertheless, reached there too and hurled abuses in them too as endangered them to emerge. When they didn’t come, the attackers pelted stones and glass bottles in Vhatti’s house damaging the chimney. Someone in the region later called police because of the rioters fled out there. A movie of assault was captured by an unidentified man on cell phone that was widely dispersed.
Vhatti’s 80-year-old daddy Habib lodged an offence of rioting from both accused. He told authorities that Vhatti and Shahrukh had heated discussions when the former has been taking a stroll near latter’s home some two weeks ago.
After Shahrukh contested Vhatti, he dismissed him because of which Shahrukh hurled abuses in him that resulted in the verbal altercation.


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