Truck driver attempts to rape 80-year old girl | Rajkot News


Rajkot: A 40-year-old guy was arrested on Monday for allegedly trying to rape and strangle an 80-year old girl from Surajkaradi village of Okha Mandal taluka at Devbhoomi Dwarka district on Sunday night.
Authorities said the accused, Jasrajbha Manek, who had been driving a vehicle, seen the girl sitting at Surajkaradi bus rack on Sunday night.
“Locating the girl , Manek forced himself on her. When she cried for aid, Manek attempted to strangle her cloth. Hearing the shouts, individuals from neighboring place rushed there and captured Manek. He had been passed over to the authorities,” said an official from Mithapur police channel.
“The girl had the habit of walking from her house after she often fought along with her family . Manek, that has been booked on the complaint of this survivor’s son, will be arrested after he undergoes Covid-19 test. Manek comes in Samlasar village nearby Okha,” added the official.


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