Ravindra Jadeja, girl cop in Rajkot assert over mask | Rajkot News


RAJKOT: Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja had a run-in using a woman constable at Rajkot who stopped him for supposedly not wearing a mask.
Head constable Sonal Gosai of Mahila police channel ceased Jadeja who had been together with his spouse Rivaba within their automobile at Kisanpara Chowk at about 9pm.


Masks are still an essential defense against coronavirus. However, to induce somebody to put on a mask while independently inside a private vehicle is moving beyond what’s needed for self-preservation or shielding other people. The issue with this kind of unreasonable principles is they encourage individuals to violate reasonable ones.

There was an altercation if she asked them to pay punishment for not wearing masks and requested for his license. Sources said Jadeja told authorities the Devil had behaved rudely together. Gosai afterwards got herself admitted to a private hospital on University Road whining of anxiety, sources said.
When contacted, deputy commissioner of police Manoharsinh Jadeja stated,”Jadeja along with the constable equally have accused each other of impolite behaviour. There’s not any formal criticism from both sides. According to my advice, Jadeja was wearing a mask and we’re exploring if his wife was not.”


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