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AHMEDABAD: A nurse in Rajkot, on Friday registered a criticism using a rape from a bank supervisor, who supposedly raped her multiple times around the guarantee of marriage and also forced her to abort the pregnancy after she guessed.
The accused, Jayesh Rawat, 31, a resident of Sector 26 in Gandhinagar who works for a public sector bank, supposedly made the girl write a suicide note and ended their relationship.
Within her FIR, the girl, 31, says that she came to understand Rawat through social websites in 2018 and they started chatting. They decided to wed, says the FIR.
The girl came to fulfill Rawat in Gandhinagar at October 2018 as soon as he found her alone in her relative’s house in Sola, he raped her stating that they would be married shortly.
She returned to Rajkot, where she works as a nurse and lives in government quarters. Rawat went and mistreated in December 2018. She alleged he’d filmed the action on her cellphone.
She said that if she’d inquire about marriage, he’d bypass the question with numerous excuses. They were supposed to have married May 18, 2019, but Rawat told it had been really sexy and they need to postpone the marriage.
The complainant stated that she guessed in October 2019 and if Rawat learned about it, he took her into a private hospital at Gandhinagar and forced her to undergo an abortion.
Rawat afterwards told me that he wouldn’t wed her and if she protested, he threatened to release their movie. In addition, he threatened to kill her loved ones when she insisted on getting married.
The girl then talked to her loved ones and approached Sola police with a complaint of rape and criminal intimidation.
(The victim’s identity has not been shown to protect her privacy according to Supreme court directives on cases related to sexual assault)


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