Police safety deployed for Dalits from Dhanera village | Rajkot News


Police Course in Ravi village

PALANPUR: Following the arrest of six men to the alleged murder of a Dalit childhood , Pintu Galchar, authorities put safety for those members of Dalit community in Ravi village of Dhanera taluka in Banaskantha district on Saturday. Galchar has been lynched on the feeling of being a burglar on Friday.
Based on Dhanera Police Inspector S A Dabhi, the situation in Ravi village is calm and ordinary.
“We’re very fearful since the vast majority of the populace of Ravi is composed of upper caste Hindus. You will find 1,500 homes of the upper caste Hindus, while Dalits have just 70 homes,” said Sanju Galchar, cousin of the deceased childhood.
It had been Sanju who asked the Banaskantha SP for its installation of safety.
Dabhi, however, pointed out that the dead person was a history-sheeter involved in bootlegging. Three instances below Prohibition Act were registered against him Pantha Vada police station, while a instance of physical attack was filed against him Dhanera police channel.


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