No positive indications of Covid situation easing in Rajkot | Rajkot News


Rajkot: Rajkot’s new battle with Covid-19 appears to be a very long drawn affair with hardly any respite being observable in the scenario regardless of the all-purpose attempts by the district government. The existence of principal secretary wellbeing, Jayanti Ravi from town, to help contain the spread of contagion has had little influence since the district listed about 150 positive cases every day at the initial 10 days of September itself.
Within an alarming twist into the gloomy situation, even frontline warriors are becoming infected with the deadly virus. While the health club of Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) and yet another physician tested positive on Friday, almost 125 physicians have tested positive up to now.
Meanwhile, the RMC has improved its own antigen tests to discover more cases. According to information furnished by the district government, the civic body is running ordinary 5,000 antigen evaluations on a daily basis. On the other hand, the reliability of the evaluations are being debated since they’re seen not yanking on the anticipated effects.
Deputy chief of resistance from RMC, Mansukh Kalariya stated,”I’ve many instances where individuals have tested negative from the antigen evaluations and within hours tested positive in CT scan. This practice by RMC is only a wastage of resources and time only to showcase amounts and demonstrate that they’re conducting more tests”
Kalariya further said that RMC and district governments are just attempting to cover up their collapse. “It had been set as a guideline that RMC staff will see patients at home quarantine once daily. I’ve received complaints that no one had seen these individuals for the previous six days.”


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