Gujarat: Retired teacher mauled to death by’wild animal’ at Gir Somnath | Rajkot News


The place in which the victim was assaulted during Monday night.

RAJKOT: A 64-year old guy had been sentenced to departure on Virpur-Dhava street of Talala taluka at Gir Somnath district on Monday night. The incident was initially reported as murder in police station no matter how the post mortem (PM) report indicated the death occurred on account of the harm imposed by wild animal.
Based on forest division, the victim was known as Sureja Laxmidas Vakjibhai, a retired instructor. He had been assaulted while coming out of his mango orchard at dawn night. He went with a few of the labourers and after finishing the job he had been coming back into his property. When he didn’t return home his loved ones travelled in search of him found his lifeless body at the pool of blood in 10:45pm Monday. They informed the authorities and mostly it had been enrolled as murder. But when the lifeless person has been taken to a government hospital at Talala the physician after evaluation suspected that harm has been inflicted with a wild creature. The authorities thereafter informed forest division at 2am to analyze the entire body.
Discussing TOI Dheeraj Mittal, deputy conservator of forest Gir (west) division stated”There was no eyewitness of this episode and it is monsoon time therefore pug marks aren’t clearly seen but by marks of harm primarily we feel he was assaulted by a leopard. It is hard to state how leopard assaulted.”
In accordance with forest officials normally leopard do not assault adult persons so there’s chance that leopard might have accidently come near the victim and assaulted.


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