Covid spices up sodium biz at Gujarat; ingestion 40percent in 2 weeks | Rajkot News


Rajkot: whenever the initial lockdown came into force in March, raw salt producers at Kutch were staring in a huge pile up of inventory. Nevertheless, the quick spread of coronavirus and government help to the poor throughout lockdown has led to salt intake increasing by approximately 40percent in May and June.
Though the authorities have dispersed crores of ration kits which comprised 1 kg salt, there’s been a manifold gain in the amount of families frequently using salt for gargling and sanitizing veggies as prescribed by specialists and doctors.
Kutch generates nearly three crore tonnes of salt annually, accounting for 80percent of the nation’s intake.
Based on rough estimates, Kutch was hauling six lakh tonnes of raw salt each month before lockdown, which climbed to 10 lakh ton each month through May and June.
Shamji Kangad, vice-president, Indian Salt Manufacturers Association (ISMA), stated,”Covid is among the significant causes of greater uptake of sodium. Patients who test positive and wholesome individuals too afflicted with sore throat and cough are currently diligently after Ayurveda to gargle. Whole families are after this practice today.”
“In large cities, people are advised to soak vegetables in salt water for a couple hours as a preventative measure before utilizing them” Kangad added.
You will find almost 15 refineries in Gandhidham that boost, package and transportation salt and nearly all of the big brands have a presence .
Bacchu Aahir, president of Gujarat Salt Refineries Welfare Association included,”Authorities, NGOs and corporates dispersed crores of ration kits into the migrants and weak throughout the lockdown. These kits included in package of a single kg salt.”
Refiners say that they witnessed dread buying throughout the lockdown with people stocking up on unusually substantial amounts of salt. Salt makers said there wasn’t any shortage and sufficient stock is available to fulfill with the demand.


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