Couple endings life after woman’s parents object to union | Rajkot News


Palanpur: A few supposedly committed suicide at Aravalli district early on Wednesday morning. Their bodies have been discovered hanging from a tree in Pipodar taluka of Bayad taluka from the natives. The authorities said they have been in a relationship for the past couple of months.
Twenty-five-year-old Mahesh Parmar, that was a divorceewho’d fallen in love with 18-year-old Bhavtika Parmar of Lehripura village. The duo wanted to get married but the woman’s parents flocked to it. So the couple decided to commit suicide,’ the authorities said.
In August this past year, a few had committed suicide at Kankrej taluka while the other bunch stopped its life by jumping into a river in Dhansura taluka in September 2019.


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