Corona cloud over lok melas at Saurashtra | Rajkot News



Rajkot: Together with the pandemic restricting every societal festival, there’s every risk that the conventional Lok Melas in Saurashtra won’t be coordinated this year.
Considering the prevalence of this Janmashtami Lok Mela of Saurashtra, the government fears that social distancing won’t be possible at all and therefore, it might not be permitted to be hauled.
All these Melas are coordinated for five times during Jamnasthami each year. The largest of these melas happen in Rajkot followed closely by Jamnagar and Porbandar. People from all around Saurahstra participate in the Rajkot mela. According to a rough estimate almost 10 lakh people see the mela throughout the following five days.
Melas in every city are coordinated by district collector and its prep starts two weeks beforehand. But this year no prep to devote stalls and issue license to ride owners are being performed. In Rajkot, the mela is coordinated in the racecourse floor each year. Discussion had started last year to change the mela into the outskirts of town on a larger area, but Covid epidemic place a complete stop to all of the programs.
The 2nd largest five-day mela in Jamnagar occurs on the banks of their Rangmati and Nagmati rivers where almost five lakh people see. Rajkot district collector Remya Mohan stated,”There’s no update concerning the melas from the authorities.”
Even though Jamnagar district collector Ravi Shankar stated”Looking to the scenario it is not feasible to arrange mela this season but the state authorities is going to take a last decision on it.”
Based on sources, Muharram also falls in August and in the event the melas are permitted then the requirement to allow Tajia procession would also emerge.


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