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Rajkot Cycle Cub has advocated state authorities for dedicated bicycle lanes

Rajkot: The Rajkot Cycle Cub and exercise fans have urged the state government to make committed cycling infrastructure for daily commuters in the metropolitan regions of Gujarat on the traces of many nations.
In a letter to chief ministry Vijay Rupani, the team said:”Cities such as Berlin, Bogota, Auckland, Budapest, Mexico City are rolling out’crisis’ cycle lanes to improve bicycle usage throughout the coronavirus pandemic. With a number of them intending to boost the permanent biking network. Calgary, Vancouver, Oakland, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, have opened some roads just for bicycling and walking. At New York, San Francisco, Berlin and throughout the united kingdom bicycle stores are considered a vital service and permitted to stay open. France has announced that article finishing their lockdown’the bike is going to be the principle way of transportation enabling social bookmarking”
The representation is part of a campaign initiated from the’bike mayors’ of 40 cities of the nation to promote biking. Rajkot bike mayor Divyesh Aghera, who’s also founder of this Rajkot Cycle Club stated,”WHO has advocated biking during Covid catastrophe because greater bike accessibility can enhance public health and quality of life”
The team also urged the authorities to make covered parking area in most of the public assumptions together with automobiles and two-wheelers and supply suitable area for cyclists on the street in most of the towns by following the version adopted by the western states throughout the pandemic.
The team stated covered cycle parking areas with transportation facilities nearby city bus stops, numerous vehicle parking facilities, residential and commercial complexes, government offices, educational institutes and other public assumptions ought to be made as part to encourage biking. The representation also advocated for a compulsory car-free afternoon once each week per month.


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