Children rise beneath trees, tanks for internet courses | Rajkot News


Students grow trees or some water tank to capture cellular network for courses

Palanpur: In the very first sight, it seems like these kids in hamlets of Banaskantha district are engrossed in certain portable games. Perched atop water tanks, inhabiting the cities they are desperately looking for some hints. Truly they are, but only they are clueless on how to attend the internet courses since there’s not any cellular network in these villages.
Some children, such as women, climb up the trees close to their homes early in the morning and sit on the branches for hours, hoping to capture the cell network. From the moment, the phones can find a network, the courses are over.
From the hilly terrains of Amirgadh and Danta talukas, notebooks and laptops are out of bounds to the poor. Many students have access to smartphones, however they’re not any use for instruction functions, unlike their counterparts in towns and cities who like an abysmal network.
“I climb to rooftops and trees to receive some portable coverage. However, it barely helps. Researching online is hopeless,” says Rahul Gamar, a pupil in Dhanpura village.
The situation prevails in almost 15 villages of both talukas.
“Our college is educating online but there’s not any mobile coverage and internet connectivity within our village which makes it impossible for us to research,” rues Sagar Dhrangi, a Class XI student of Lok Niketan School at Virampur, four kilometers from Dhanpura.
Mayabhai Rana, leader of a government primary school leader in Dhanpura stated,”We’ve 16 teachers and 350 pupils. We’re trying our very best to reach out to greatest pupils through online classes”
My children are studying but I do not have a cellphone and there’s absolutely no media coverage,” explained Bachu Gamar, a farmer at Dhanpura village.
Mukesh Chavda, in-charge district education officer (DEO),”Our educators will probably be moving house-to-house to fix the issues of their pupils and disperse home-learning material.”


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