Youngest 26/11 Mumbai attack watch seeks help to cover rent, receives little bounty | Mumbai News


Devika Rotawan (in film ) is the funniest witness at the 26/11 terror trial

MUMBAI: Young Devika Rotawan, who had been the funniest opinion at the 26/11 terror trial, on Wednesday appealed for aid to rescue her from becoming displaced. The 21-year old was only nine when she’d recognized Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab since the attacker .
Devika stated,”I reside in a chawl at Government Colony, Bandra East, in which the monthly rent is Rs 10,000. Our landlord was allowing extensions because the previous two months, but I have been not able to assemble the sum. September 10 was my deadline to cover, else I’d have needed to leave. I’ve hunted two times ”
Soon after she issued an appeal on the internet, several fantastic Samaritans stepped ahead to deposit cash in her bank accounts. Some assisted with Rs 500, others Rs 1,000 while Pune-based businessman Tehseen Poonawalla moved a sum of Rs 10,000.
“I’ll cover a similar amount a month too,” Poonawalla assured. “I saw that the tweets and didn’t cease to believe long before committing to cover. I’ve read about Devika’s bravery through 26/11, and I understand that she’s genuine. I’ve seen so much distress throughout the lockdown, and when God has given me a little bit extra, it’s my obligation to assist others.”
Devika had wrongly issued a incorrect IFSC bank code online but later given another SBI accounts .
However, the woman who studies in Chetna College, stated that her issue remains unsolved. “I need a sum of Rs 1,20,000 at one go, since I have to pay rent in advance for the whole calendar year. The numbers credited are modest — a few Rs 500, others per cent 1,000. I am seeking a permanent resolution that’s the reason I also have filed an appeal in court looking for a flat from the authorities.”
Devika says that she didn’t obtain the guaranteed EWS home that has been promised to her visiting politicians in the wake of the assault and throughout the trial. “Actually two unidentified men took my touch on a record and disappeared for good. My loved ones from Rajasthan have accepted a loan of Rs two lakh from me that they’re yet to return. My 56-year-old dad is not able to work so it’s my obligation to watch over my loved ones,” she explained.


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