Pune: Water inventory in 7 dams at Bhima basin below 10percent | Pune News


Temghar Dam (File photo)

PUNE: Water inventory in seven dams at Bhima basin were under 10percent of the individual live water storage capabilities, according to the most recent report published by the state irrigation department.
All these dams are Ujani, Neera Devghar, Temghar, Manikdoh, Pimpalgaon Joge, Chaskaman and Chilhewadi. The inventory in Ujani and Pimpalgaon Joge were under zero percentage markers while storages in additional five dams were percent to 10 percent.
The Bhima basin has complete 25 important dams. Andra was just dam one of these with over 50% water inventory. Dam’s inventory was 62percent on Monday. Water storages in the rest of the dams were under half way mark.
The officials in the state irrigation department stated that catchments of all dams have reported bouts of loopholes in the previous 3 months however the storages haven’t reported significant growth.
One of 25 dams, greatest riainfall was reported in Temghar followed closely by Mulshi and Vadivale. Visapur was at base with cheapest rainfall of 109 mm.
Officials stated that many dams receive quite good spells of rainfall during July and August. The rain activity in catchments of all dams can go up in next couple of days, they said.


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