Idol Manufacturers stare in a Gloomy season, Enormous losses


COVID-19 Influences Ganeshotsav Market

Lockdown has Led to a late Beginning of Job, Whereas a low-key festival has translated into fewer Amount of Requests

Given that the pandemic isn’t going away however, it is already noted that Ganeshotsav this season will lack lustre as many mandals have spoke of downsizing. However, the larger bad thing is that idol manufacturers aren’t prepared for the festivities this season, together with summer time — the important season for idol manufacturing — dropped to COVID-19 along with the consequent lockdown.

By now each year, approximately 80 percent of the stocks are prepared. However, this year, they’re staring in a converse situation with just 20 percent of the job done. Together with the festival just a few months off and the monsoon, which isn’t too conducive to idol making, currently upon them, they fear that they won’t be prepared to serve the town which needs more than four lakh idols with this grand celebration every year.

“Our job was on course until the first week of March but because of this abrupt lockdown, the source of raw material suddenly ceased. For the remainder of March and complete April and May, we needed to leave our job.

Prominent idol manufacturer Rajendra Deshmukh (under ) and many others believe besides losses in the national market, lack of transport facilities to boat the idols abroad will add to their already depleted bag

By this time, we’d have finished 80 percent of their job but as a result of lockdown, 80 percent of this job is staying that’s unprecedented,” Rajendra Deshmukh, among the largest idol manufacturers in town, informed Mirror.

Even when they can hurry through the procedure, they’ve thrown their hands up about having the ability to serve the global marketplace, which will pinch their pockets difficult. Each year, these idol manufacturers ship out the Ganesh idols into UK, The Netherlands, Mauritius, Canada and Thailand. With global freight not setting sail for the time being, at the light of this pandemic, they’ve written off lakhs as reductions.

“We export Ganesh idols bringing nearly Rs 50 lakh from Pune to different foreign destinations. But because the global freight remains frozen, we’re left with no choice except to store off the idols from godowns. But even when government begins global freight, we don’t feel that we’ll have the ability to complete the idols in time to allow them to create it to their destinations. The export reduction is impending,” Deshmukh added.

Although Ganeshotsav comes around August-September, operate on the idols start as early as December. Still, the summertime is crucial to the craft. While the stream of raw material was restored to a degree, because the easing of this lockdown this season, the sculptors point out it is a bit too late that the rainy season is already here.

Underscoring this, Tejas Kumbhar, yet another notable idol manufacturer from town, explained,”The summer is the perfect time for idol making in which the arrangement of this idol dries correctly. During monsoon, we simply provide finishing touches. But this season, the whole summer went away from the lockdown where we could barely finish 20 to 30 percent of their job. We usually make about 3,000 idols, however this season we guess we shall barely have the ability to churn out 1,000 idols.”

Considering that the losses they’re expecting and the increase in raw material costs, that the idol manufacturers have made it crystal clear that devotees might need to brace for higher costs to obtain their preferred deity this past year. “Though we’ve begun getting the raw substance, we’re paying higher prices because of it. We’ll be left with no choice except to boost the costs of the idols. I expect that the clients will consider our fiscal limitations and they’ll purchase at slightly higher prices than normal,” Kumbhar said.

But, signs are that the customers are already occupied downsizing their budgets to the festival. Since Anand Saraf, a social worker that has been keenly studying the economics of Ganeshotsav from town, pointed out,”I quote that market that revolves around that greatest festival of this city will psychologist to 20-25 percent of its customary dimension. With summer time dropped to idol making, the paucity of distribution is bound impact the town which has roughly 4,500 enrolled Ganesh mandals and as numerous unregistered ones, moreover 20,000 housing societies observing the neighborhood festival”

Ganesh mandals have talked about cutting back to the festivities this season because of the pandemic. “The exceptional situation has provided us a rethink on our customary budget for the festival, even though a last call will be obtained just after we guess how much comfort the authorities will allow for the parties,” said Nilesh Vakil, a trustee at Kasba Peth Ganesh Mandal. Some mandals have chosen to scale the size of their idol they’ll sponsor, while also cancelling a number of the regular programmes throughout the festival. “The Ganesh festival will be a low-key event this season, together with all the COVID-19 situation impacting the parties. But we’re still not certain how extreme it’ll be. Representatives of notable Ganesh mandals will meet in July to determine on the future strategy, drawing up plans for the festival,” said Piyush Shah, president of Sainath Ganesh Mandal.


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