Ganesh mandals Need PMC to Finance the festival this year


Within an inconclusive Conversation, civic body Moves to Get low-key Parties; organisers Request 10×10 Feet pandals and diversion of allocations made for Wari, That Has Been cancelled

The nation’s grand public festival, Ganeshotsav, will probably need to woefully lose its largesse this season so as to prevent crowding at the days of pandemic. The mandals are well conscious of the occasions and also have stated they will have a simplistic way. But they’re lacking funds this season and so, they’ve requested civic body for help. It’s requested these mandals to put the idols in temples and also extend from building pandals — a notion that the organisers aren’t keen on and have rather, harped on their simplistic story.

These topics have been discussed at a meeting organised by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) using Ganesh mandals to go over the new rules being implemented against the background of COVID-19. The organisers are requested to shrink the pandals or even refrains, maintaining elaborate area for ambulances. The mandals also talked of the fiscal issues, requesting civic body to provide help. Rushikesh Balgude, celebrity of Ganesh mandal out of Khadak, stated,”Neither there’ll be sponsorship from advertisements that this year nor will we manage to amass cash. Thus, PMC ought to expand its handbag to us”

The dearth of financing was clarified by Swapnil Naik, member of Patit Pavan Sanghatna. He explained,”The dealers have endured throughout the lockdown. Therefore, collecting donations is hopeless. Nonetheless, cancelling parties does not make sense. While we agree there should be no decorations, PMC must at least host 10×10 feet pandals. It’s financing stored for the yearly palkhi, that ought to be redirected to Ganeshotsav.”

The assembly with Ganesh mandal agents, civic officials and cops also met with disbelief. Opposition said that large amount of attendees Shouldn’t Be allowed on assumptions

Joint commissioner of police Ravindra Shisve pushed for the opposite — to maintain the parties low-key by preventing pandals and putting up idols inside temples. While saying so, he also drew comparisons with the annulment of Wari. “We cancelled the yearly pilgrimage this season. In this vein, we could definitely put an example by observing Ganeshotsav at a simplistic way. Vast majority of the mandals have little temples for maintaining their idols throughout the year. They ought to be kept in their location this season,” he explained.

Shivse asked the esteemed mandals such as Dagdusheth and Kasba Ganpati to put an example for many others.

But throughout the parleys, the mandals appeared determined on their own demand. Responding to Shivse, a few members said that their temples are”too little” and would result in”crowding”.

Mahesh Suryawanshi, treasurer of Dagdusheth Halwai Mandal, stated,”We’ve discussed the issues with cops. However, in times such as these, we ought to do whatever is best for individuals. The things will be discussed further before a decision is taken.”

At the meanwhile, Mayor Murlidhar Mohol advocated the mandals to immerse the idols in their homes and in the pandals rather than visiting the riverfront.

Objections to the assembly

Congress pioneer Aba Bagul flocked into the assembly — he had been unhappy over the high number of attendees along with the simple fact that PMC was cancelling general body lawsuits mentioning the”crowding” part. He asked when corporators aren’t being allowed to assemble on premises based on government requests, why were Ganesh mandal agents, cops and many others permitted to be about the very same premises.


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