Female guards for Girls patients


Civic body Accepts Activity after stalking Episode at Sinhgad institute quarantine Center on July 15

After an episode of stalking at Sinhgad college quarantine center a week, taxpayers raised concerns on the security and safety of coronavirus patients glancing at different COVID care centers (CCCs) and quarantine centers.

Taking a serious note, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has made a decision to deploy just girls guards out wards for girls patients inside quarantine centers.

The civic body decided it to begin a dedicated helpline for all these patients.

Mirror had reported concerning the encounter of a 29-year old girl inmate about July 15 nighttime and the following apathetic strategy of this police control area and civil governments. After the report, but the guard-cum-caretaker of this facility was detained on July 21.

Shantanu Goel, additional commissioner of PMC, issued the purchase. In addition, he asked officials to set up CCTV cameras to keep an eye on those facilities.

“The helpline number intended for girls inmates will be exhibited outside these centers which will be triggered in a few days. Female safety guards will be set up where there are girls patients. A centralised control area in addition to other makeshift control chambers will keep close eye on the amenities via CCTV cameras,” he explained.

“We can take significant actions against any offender involved with harassing woman sufferers in any fashion,” he added.

Sambhaji Khot, assistant municipal commissioner and in control of Sinhgad faculty hostel quarantine centre, stated,”We have opted to keep all of the women in precisely the exact same ward to prevent a replica of the episode.”

“We have taken actions against the staffer who lacked safety of this facility.

If any citizen or individual comes across flaws in safety, they ought to speak to the civic government. The issue will be addressed promptly,” Khot explained.

“We’re also taking assistance from law enforcement. We’ve encouraged them to set up more guys for keeping vigil in the middle,” he added.

In the last a week, two episodes are reported from these centers in the area.


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