Cafes and restaurants in Pune are fighting to survive pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic along with the consequent lockdown have changed the food sector adversely with restaurants and cafes in town are fighting to survive. Several of these have already made a decision to close store or market the company to others.

Restaurant owners assert that these would be the toughest of times since a number of them lately joined the business and had spent a large sum of money that they now don’t have any hope to recuperate.

Most are currently seeking to market the whole setup which is composed of furniture and kitchen equipment so as to have the ability to maintain themselves for the forthcoming months. They say it’s becoming hard for them as with no earningsthey nevertheless need to pay the lease and there’s absolutely no way from it.

Rohit D, owner of a food joint at Karve Nagar known as Morya Misal, faced a challenging period in the first months of lockdown, and it has lost hope of his company thriving anytime soon. He’s put his restaurant available and is currently looking at different methods to live.

While Khasbag (top left) opened just at February, Brain Freeze (underside ) has been in business since September 2018. But, both are fighting and owners are considering promoting

“I’d begun the meals joint just six months ago and it had been becoming a fantastic company since the food was cheap and famous amongst the faculty students. These are extremely rough times for us since I must pay a rent of Rs 70,000 to your distance, besides that there are employees’ wages to be compensated,” he explained.

“Many of my income was coming out of school students and contemplating the present situation, it does not seem like the schools will restart before August and there was no way I could endure the financial burden until afterward. I’ve made a deal to market the location as of today and hope for the token sum,” he added.

Ashwini Joshi, the proprietor of nonvegetarian restaurant, Khasbag, on Paud Road, stated that she and her husband had started the partnership in February itself and so were disheartened when the information of shutting restaurants throughout the first phase of lockdown has been declared.

She said,”Ours was a newly launched restaurant and were expecting that this could develop into a favorite non-vegetarian joint one of the folks here. The response was great also but sadly the upkeep expenses and personnel obligations are receiving too high for us to handle and we needed to take the tough choice of selling all of the furniture and other gear that we’d purchased.”

Saurabh Karkhanis, whoever owns Brain , a dessert cafe, informed Mirror,”Our partnership was launched back in September 2018 and it had been doing very good company. People really enjoyed our desserts, which won a great deal of accolades. But now because of this coronavirus disorder (COVID-19) scenario, we must market the setup. We’d pay a rent of Rs 77,000 before but are not any longer in a state to do so. I’m also seeking to sell the whole setup for Rs 9 lakh and this really is the last resort.”

For our business, the most important Element is individuals and company continues to be oriented towards them

–Neerav Panchamiya, Poona Hoteliers Association

Many of those institutions which were affected the worst by the continuing situation are those who started operations under a year ago and don’t have enough money set aside to help them maintain in a poor period.

Neerav Panchamiya, a part of this Poona Hoteliers Association, informed Mirror,”For our business, the most essential element is individuals and the company is oriented towards them. It is a fact that lots of food joints have been shutting down since they must pay rents, employees salaries and many do not have alternative sources of revenue.”

“When restaurants and resorts really do open up, the sanitisation and upkeep costs will be too large to be affordable to the tiny players,” he added.


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