Automobile drivers in RTO track fleeced at the Title of sanitisation



Unauthorised Brokers are Allegedly using officials’ Titles to Need Rs 50 per Car in the Dive Ghat Monitor before Gym Evaluations and pass renewal; Bankrupt autowallahs Require action Through activist’s complaint

The epidemic of COVID-19 has greatly influenced several industries of the market, for example, transportation market. However, while numerous people and businesses face a fiscal crisis, you will find many others who’ve swooped in to make a killing below the title of health security steps, taking advantage of the pandemic situation. In a such scenario, auto rickshaw drivers and other transporters seeing the Pune Regional Transport Office‘s (RTO) automobile physical fitness monitor at Dive Ghat are being scammed, by being made to receive their vehicles sanitised for a commission by authorised brokers — surprisingly, directly on the premises of a government establishment.

With lots of those auto drivers not literate, they are also vulnerable to this fraud, and therefore are being strongarmed to paying Rs 50-100 a’sanitisation’ of the three-wheelers. The hapless autowallahs are shelling out the price since they’ve been told that the transportation officer will not take their vehicles for testing if they don’t do this.

The fitness center and pass renewal for all transportation vehicles of Pune city and rural areas of the district (excluding Pimpri-Chinchwad and Baramati) — by autos to automobiles, trucks, etc. — has been performed at Dive Ghat brake-testing track. Ever since then, the RTO declared the testing after the lockdown. Every transportation vehicle over a couple of years old must receive a fitness evaluation and renewal performed yearly.

RTO has appointed no service with this support, however a receipt is given out from the title of’Diva Regional Transport Office’; testing has been declared in the Dive Ghat track only a month; PIC: RAHUL DESHMUKH

Interestingly, the RTO hasn’t appointed any bureau, middlemen or given out any contract, either tender or consent to such an agency. And a receipt for your ceremony has been given to every automobile driver for the task below the title of’Diva Regional Transport Office’.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, 1 automobile driver sufferer contributed,”Since the pandemic started, I’ve not earned one cent and’m facing serious debt. As soon as I came here in order to receive my pass, I’d completely washed the automobile with antiseptic liquid. ) Additionally, I sprayed it with sanitiser spread by the civic body. And yet, these people said I must pay to additional sanitise the motor vehicle. They said if I do not do this, the RTO inspector won’t even examine my automobile. I needed to take action.”

Still another autowallah in the place on Thursday awakened,”I was amazed by this compulsion. My automobile was deep-cleaned but I paid as they stated they’re attached into the official incharge. I had no other option and did not wish to await another appointment. We need this scam to be shown.”

bogged down the modus operandi, a third driver stated,”Every government division offers sanitisation centers in their own premises, so why can not the RTO? They’re only looting us. We haven’t earned anything for more than five months. The appointment price Rs 600 and parking 10 — why include Rs 50? It is going to barely cost Rs 10-20 into sanitise 1 auto, and also the RTO can certainly bear this cost.”

After hearing these illegal activities, town resident and social activist Wajid Khan filed a written complaint to the RTO on Wednesday, demanding immediate and stern action. “All these fraudsters are forcing autowallahs to pay Rs 50 to get sanitisation of the vehicles . It is said that should they do not cover immediately, they might need to pay Rs 100 after for the exact same service anyhow. They’re utilizing titles of RTO officials to reinforce their claim. This needs to be ceased immediately and actions needs to be removed all involved,” said the criticism.

Khan informed Mirror,”Once I realized that the trail to get a while, I came upon this particular scam. That is taking place on the assumptions and there’s a nexus involved. In a time when folks are struggling with financing, these folks are harnessing them. Automobile drivers are the worst hit as most aren’t educated. We would like the RTO to take legal actions because this fraud is happening under its title.”

Responding to the, Regional Transport Officer (Pune) Ajit Shinde explained that no tender or consent was granted to any individual or organisation to sanitise vehicles in the place. “Those coming for moves to their vehicles mandatorily must sanitise them. We’ve got no difficulty if they do it independently also. Citizens shouldn’t approach any middleman or service to accomplish this,” he explained.

Asked if any action will be considered these receipts are being distributed under the RTO’s title on its campus, Shinde said he’s unaware of such action underneath his nose, including,”If those car owners strategy us with the stated receipts, we’ll provide orders to the transportation inspector to file a police complaint against those responsible.”

Lately, the RTO has received this complaint together with the video and reception of the fraud happening, and staff in the Dive Ghat office will also be conscious of the same.


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