Nursing staff attack in Patna-AIIMS increases patients woes | Patna News


Contract-based nursing employees demonstration out Patna AIIMS (PTI)

PATNA: About 650 nursing employees working on contract basis at AIIMS-Patna went on strike on Thursday demanding permanent job and wages as diploma with those of permanent ones, together with a lot of different requirements.
The hospital government asked them to restart the job within this pandemic and dared actions .
This attack has created difficulty for the hospital that is already reeling under stress after being converted to Covid-19 committed hospital of Bihar. These nursing employees are hired by a private company. AIIMS-Patna nodal accountable for Covid-19, Dr Sanjeev Kumar stated their other requirements include provision of expertise certificates on AIIMS Patna letterhead, to not eliminate them out of work in long run, completely free remedy to them and their loved ones and insurance pay.
“We have another ward for treatment of our employees. Central government has provided an insurance strategy for health workers involved in Covid-19,” explained Dr Sanjeev.
AIIMS-Patna medical superintendent Dr CM Singh, in a written note, assured them that the institute won’t get rid of any individual engaged on contractual providers at existing or in the not too distant future and give expertise letter to nursing officers participated in contractual or outsourced basis on AIIMS-Patna letterhead. Before, the personal agency used to provide experience certificates .
Dr Singh further said that contractual/outsourced nursing officers will be awarded eight days away per month, given that a minimum of five consecutive duties. “Rest of those requirements are deliberated upon, but they are beyond the purview of local institute government. Present scenario demands sincere attempts on a part of everybody especially people in emergency services such as nurses. Therefore I recommend you to resume responsibilities instantly. If particular elements are located threatening the efforts in combating this outbreak and endangering the life span of patients, government is going to be forced to do it according to provisions under legislation,” read the note provided by Dr Singh.
Past Saturday, sanitation team working on contract in AIIMS-Patna had gone to a hit, but they resumed responsibility the other day. Sources said action was removed from four sanitation team according to catastrophe management act. “It has turned into a strategy to black email hospital administration within this pandemic,” said a physician.


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