JD(U) launches unique multi-tasking digital platform, Nitish Kumar to utilize it in order to address mega digital rally on Sept 7 | Patna News


Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. (File photo)

PATNA: Bihar’s judgment JD(U) on Wednesday became the primary political party throughout the nation that launched its multi- faceted and multi-tasking electronic stage termed’jdulive.com‘.
“A max upto 10 lakh distant apparatus such as cell phone, TV display , digital display , may be connected or connected for this first-of-its-kind political electronic platform at one time,” senior JD(U) leader and nation’s construction structure minister Ashok Choudhary told TOI on Wednesday.
He explained no other political party throughout the nation has up to now developed such a colossal digital stage. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar would tackle his planned mega digital rally-‘Nischay Samvad’- on September 7 with this exceptional system,” Choudhary said.
“During this stage, we could connect more than 30 lakhs of people at one time so they are easily able to listen to our leader Nitish Kumar’s address. This stage has a capacity to connect 10 lakh apparatus at one time. Suppose, besides human people’s cellular telephones, we’ve connected one lakh electronic displays. Minimum 50 into 100 individuals can observe and listen to the speakers using a single large digital display, while keeping the criteria of social bookmarking. Thus, in some time 30 lakh or more individuals can be permitted to see and listen to that our leader Nitish Kumar with this stage,” Choudhary clarified.
Senior JD(U) leaders specifically energy ministry Bijendra Prasad Yadav, Munger MP Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh, Ashok Choudhary and WRD ministry Sanjay Kumar Jha, jointly inaugurated the distinctive digital platform in a very simple programme in the party’s office . Before, Nitish was scheduled to inaugurate the first-of-its-kind electronic platform on Wednesday. However, his programme has been shifted as a result of continuing national mourning after the departure of former President Pranab Mukherjee, and the four senior party leaders were requested to complete the formality of inauguration.
“This electronic platform will even host a database regarding lakhs of JD(U) employees. Lakhs of party employees can be connected with the stage in the click of mouse. Any message can be moved to lakhs of JD(U) members at one time in the click of button,” JD(U) state general secretary Navin Kumar Arya told TOI on Wednesday.
“Our leader Nitish Kumar ardently believes in getting immediate conversation with ordinary men and women. Nevertheless, it wasn’t feasible to maintain open meetings on account of the situation created by this Covid-19. Therefore, the JD(U) developed its digital platform in order that our chief can have direct conversation with common folks, employees through video conferencing,” Bijendra Yadav said while describing about the requirement of such a stage.
“This electronic platform is a outstanding illustration of’Earn Bihar’ since it’s been visualized and ready by a committed group of Bihar born IITians,” Sanjay Jha said.
This electronic platform would also function as’Bihar Brand TV’. Positive news reports linked to the JD(U) and accomplishments of Nitish government could be aired through this exceptional platform.
“This stage is the nation’s first ever dedicated electronic platform whereby lakhs of people might be linked apart from it might also be utilized for holding large digital rallies, little public meetings, little meeting with party leaders and video conferencing with employees,” the party’s national secretary Rabindra Prasad Singh stated.


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