Bihar: Seven reserved for force feeding girl human faeces over witch-crafting | Patna News


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PATNA: Altogether seven persons including two girls hailing from village Rerwaria Tiwari were evading arrest after becoming booked at an FIR lodged with Bhore police station in Gopalganj on Thursday evening for allegedly forcibly feeding individual faeces into some 50 year old girl on suspicion of practising witch-crafting.
Bhore police station SHO Subhash Kumar reported that those who’d been reserved are Vinay Bhagat, his brother Bablu Bhagat, their mom Etwaria Devi, Pradeep Bhagat, Anil Bhagat, Vashishtha Bhagat and Phulkumari Devi.
SHO Kumar explained that the informant, who’s also the sufferer, has alleged that all the accused man had thrashed her and they tonsured her mind into full public view in town.
“The victim had alleged that she had been afterwards kindly fed human faeces from the accused men since they suspected her of practising witch-crafting,” he explained.
SHO reported that the episode is of Thursday and an FIR was lodged by the victim against both people using Bhore police station in the day.
“Each of the accused men belong to family. They’re neighbours of the sufferer. Both sides have been engaged in property dispute because last several decades,” he explained.
SHO stated at least four FIRs and counter-FIRs were previously lodged by either side on every other together with Bhore police station on account of the property dispute.
“We suspects the Thursday’s episode can also be fallout of the ongoing land dispute just between either side. Each of the seven men who were named accused in FIR, have fled village,” he explained.
SHO explained they were evading arrest and raids were moving on to nab them. “Further investigation is also being performed in relation to the episode of force feeding on the girl human faeces on suspicion of practising witch-crafting,” he added.


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