Noida: Covid patient alleges molestation by physician at Jaypee Hospital | Noida News


NOIDA: A 20-year old girl, that tested positive for Covid on July 21, has accused a doctor of molesting her within the isolation ward of Jaypee Hospital at Sector 128.
The physician, who’s a consultant for psychiatric medicine in the hospital, was sharing the isolation ward together with the girl ever because he, also, was discovered to possess Covid on July 23. The girl had admitted at Jaypee Hospital after seeing a number of hospital at Noida on July 21. “My sister was staying alone from the twin-sharing ward. The physician joined her two weeks afterwards,” her brother said.
The girl alleged that the physician attempted to become friendly with her by the very first day , telling her he had contacts in just about all hospitals around NCR.
“He’d frequently flaunt the way he knew everybody else in the hospital. He told me that he had a girl, that made me think that he was a family man and would do no injury. But two weeks back, I got very tired after a 40-moment walk and he provided to test if I’d developed a clot in my thighs. He pressed my thighs that day,” she explained.
As both were supposed to be discharged from the hospital in a couple of days, the physician allegedly told the girl that he had to look at her again to post-Covid symptoms.
Since the girl felt uneasy, she called a comparative – plus a physician – and asked her when a Covid patient really needed to be assessed in the way that the physician did.
“My relative told me that there wasn’t any requirement for him to do anything,” she explained. The woman then told her brother, who phoned authorities. Yogesh Malik, the SHO of Expressway police station, said that an FIR was registered under IPC Section 354.
“He’s been with us for six months as a part time physician. The girl has whined him stating that he molested her. Authorities are investigating the situation and we’re working with them. So far as the girl’s complaint concerning sharing the ward using a guy is concerned, the arrangement is comparable in different hospitals also,” a spokesperson for Jaypee hospital stated.
Added DCP (Noida) Ranvijay Singh told TOI that they’d write to the chief medical officer (CMO) requesting opinions on protocols – why a male and female were forced to discuss a twin-sharing space in an isolation ward.
“So far, we’ve just heard about Covid sufferers being forced to discuss a ward rather than if the individual is a male or a female. However, there needs to be some decision according to the circumstance,” he explained.
“The accused was in quarantine after being discharged from the hospital and questioning was going on,” he added.


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