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Nagpur: Making use of experience in nanoparticle engineering, a group of researchers in Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) has generated Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box (USB) which may disinfect cellular handsets, grocerystore, fruits, veggies etc in five minutes without repainting the things or causing damage to human beings.
It may come as a significant relief for those that fear contracting Covid-19 while attracting essential items into house and eat them. TOI on June 5’d reported a professor in Nagpur University has come up with two inventions based on ultraviolet (UV) technology that would do sanitization of cellular handsets, food items as well as veggies.
Associate professor of department of Chemical Engineering, VNIT, Shriram S Sonawane along with his pupils such as a PhD student Malika Mudliar have made the USB using nanoparticle technologies together with UV-C lighting system. Under the advice of VNIT manager Pramod Padole, they’ll be shortly applying for patent of this technology.
Already, Sonawane includes a couple of patents such as extraction of four or more solutes in the solvent with 100% efficacy and less cost using nanoparticle technology. He explained their technologies guaranteed 100% killing of all kinds of viruses such as Covid-19 using non-chemical and non-contact procedures.
Sonawane stated Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanoparticle (NP) is coated to the home to consume more UV irradiation and increase the antibacterial action of this sterilizer. It’s seen as a fantastic antibacterial agent since it’s stable under harsh processing requirements and is deemed safe for people and animals.
In comparison with natural materials, inorganic materials such as ZnO have higher durability, selectivity, and heat resistance. “Different strains of microbes are analyzed to investigate its antimicrobial properties,” he explained.
Sonawane advised the technology employs UV light beams of wavelength 2,537 Angstrom units (Aº). Various studies have proven exposure to UV in variety of 1, 2 500 to 4,000 Aº rather about two,537 Aº modifies the DNA of microorganisms. The higher-energy UV-C beams can harm DNA and RNA through cross-linking of both thymidine and uracil nucleotides, respectively, and thus preventing replication of viruses and bacteria.
Sonawane additionally maintained the technology could cost significantly less compared to present ones. “Lifespan of UV tubing will probably be over 5-6 decades. ZnO NP kit has to be altered once in four weeks based upon use. USB is a onetime investment,” he explained.
Research has shown survival of Covid-19 upto 72 hours plastic and stainless steel, four hours copper and 24 hours . Sonawane reported the study was conducted under laboratory conditions and must be interpreted with care in real life atmosphere. The requirement is to safeguard yourself from this highly infectious virus. USB could be put in doorsteps to sanitize every little object made from outside,” he explained.
After obtaining patent, Sonawane and his staff might believe about fabricating USB in VNIT itself enter into an arrangement with any firm for bringing the merchandise for people.


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