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Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) guided personal water operator Orange City Water Private Limited (OCW) to finish renewal and replacement (R&R) works worth only Rs18. 88 crore as against Rs143. 37 crore from the arrangement at 2019-20. The civic body’s apathy in getting the works has left unsolved the issue of contaminated and very low stress drinking water source in several locations.
Despite the impending functions, NMC has also gone disbursed penalty and escalation quantity of Rs73 crore into OCW beneath the 1 time settlement (OTS). According to TOI on Sundaythis has been completed though revised arrangement is yet to be implemented, because it’s pending for acceptance with board of supervisors of special purpose car Nagpur Environmental Services Limited (NESL).
Under the exact same OTS, NESL had advocated waiver of R&R works worth Rs111. 37 crore due to be accomplished by OCW involving March 1, 2012 and March 31, 2018. According to the agreement ran between NMC and OCW, the latter was supposed to undertake R&R works worth Rs15 crore per annum. Regrettably, NMC never obtained the functions , which came into fore when the OTS proposal has been transferred. As a result of strong resistance, NMC entire body failed to accept the waiver.
R&R functions were compulsory for OCW since they’re crucial to mitigate issues of polluted and very low pressure drinking water source.
In a second significant favour to OCW, NMC had taken a decision to get completed R&R functions of Rs25 crore per annum from OCW. Of this, arrears works could be of Rs10 crore and routine functions of Rs15 crore.
NMC standing committee chairman Vijay Zalke told TOI,”OCW implemented R&R works worth Rs18. 88 crore as against target of Rs35. 71 crore in 2019-20. Works worth Rs4. 51 crore have been in progress. OCW was supposed to guarantee completion of functions. We’ll find the rest works done shortly. Goal of Rs25. 19 crore is provided for 2020-21,” he explained.
Zalke mentioned difficulty of polluted and very low pressure water source was solved in several regions of Gandhibagh, Dhantoli and Satranjipura zones later R&R functions in 2019-20. “Only issues of Satranjipura zone are staying due to different hurdles, such as encroachments,” he explained.
Congress corporator Sanjay Mahakalkar alleged several regions in South Nagpur continue to go contaminated and very low pressure water. “NMC and OCW aren’t paying heed to our complaints,” he explained.
BSP corporator Jitendra Godeshwar stated issues are as they had been in North Nagpur. “Really, main rationale is that NMC doesn’t have control over OCW. Officials of OCW does not hear complaints of corporators in addition to NMC officials,” he explained.
OCW didn’t respond to TOI’s message and mail.
There appears to be yet another irregularity in calculating the R&R. Throughout OTS, civic body had calculated R&R dues of Rs111. 37 around March 31, 2018.
According to the arrangement, OCW was designed to tackle R&R works worth Rs15 crore per annum in 2012-13. The R&R amount was supposed to grow with revision in charge of OCW. NMC has increased payment of OCW from Rs72 crore per annum to over Rs120 crore per annum in the last eight decades. But, NMC remains calculating R&R works in the speed of Rs15 crore per annum.
* NMC participated OCW on March 1, 2012, for 25 years
* NMC started paying OCW Rs72 crore per annum
* OCW was supposed to shell out Rs15 crore per annum on R&R functions according to arrangement
* R&R functions help decrease polluted and very low pressure drinking water source
* Throughout OTS, it came into fore OCW never implemented R&R functions between March 1, 2012, and March 31, 2018
* R&R dues of Rs111. 37 were caused by OCW
* Dues increased to Rs143. 37 crore later incorporating Rs15 crore all 2018-19 and 2019-20
* OCW did R&R functions of just Rs18. 88 crore at 2019-20
* R&R sum was to grow with increase in OCW payment
* OCW payment has climbed to over Rs120 crore per annum
* Nevertheless NMC contemplating R&R functions of Rs15 crore per annum


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