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After closing shop for nearly 3 weeks on account of the nationally lockdown, restaurants and eateries lately…Read More

After finishing shop for nearly 3 weeks on account of the nationally lockdown, restaurants and eateries recently reopened providing only the takeaway services. But with various new guidelines set up such as odd-even principle, curfew timing and social distancing criteria etc, things aren’t exactly the exact same from the new ordinary. An ample evidence of that, we obtained when we seen Priti Corner among those favorite food joints, near Shankar Nagar Square. We spotted that the team members wearing gloves and masks while handing over the parcels even as the town foodies queued up for takeaways while still keeping a healthier physical space with one another…
“This wasn’t the situation, a couple months ago. We’d take multiple orders simultaneously and remain on our feet to provide them timely company,” shares Harsh Dewani, the proprietor of the four years old eatery, including that the potency of this team has also been decreased today.
The menu set up close to the counter shows that the prices are slightly increased from the Unlock period. “We had zero company for 3 months. Even today the rush isn’t as it was before. Our company has come by 40 percent. That is the reason why prices are marginally higher. In the very first week, the footfall was rather poor but today, a number of our loyal sponsors, particularly young professionals, are creating numerous rounds into the location,” advises Dewani.
Aditi and Saurabh Rai that are very regular at this particular food joint, share they missed the harbor which serves amazing Chhole Samosa. ” My husband who’s very health conscious could not hold back his urge for samosas and drove to pick up numerous plates. As eating on the eatery’s assumptions is no longer permitted we had been awarded the dish onto a disposal container and we ate them within our vehicle. I guess that is the new standard and we must adapt to it,” says Aditi.
For Sagar Dhanuskar, who’s doing his PhD from IIT Delhi, reopening of a few of his favorite haunts in town brought him much pleasure. He shares,”I came to Nagpur for vacations and got stuck . I miss my poha, samosas I used to enjoy very frequently during my graduation years. Fortunately, I could gorge on them today. For me, seeing these areas is like improved my school days.”


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