NMC’s IGR sending back breathless sufferers to CCCs sans O2 beds | Nagpur News


NAGPUR: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation‘s (NMC) Indira Gandhi Rugnalaya (IGR), using over 50 employees including three senior physicians, nurses and citizens, has been delivering stunning patients back to Covid Care Centres (CCCs), that do not have piped oxygen center. IGR is the sole civic hospital one of five to go operational with 10 patients from a capacity of 130 beds.
Of late, all stunning patients have been coming back to CCCs within a couple of hours of becoming admitted to IGR, GMCH or IGGMCH too.
The CCCs are working as screening centers for research investigations, from where patients go to house isolation, even if found fit, or are known to hospitals, chiefly for administering oxygen. Oddly, the civic body was attractive to taxpayers to report early, and attributing higher deaths on overdue coverage, but it’s not able to allot these oxygen beds if 120 such beds are empty.
According to date, the district has 17 CCCs hosting 701 patients. Four CCCs are present in municipal limits and also have 350 asymptomatic patients; MLA CCC (193), Pachpaoli CCC (104) and VNIT CCC (50). Vanamati CCC now does not have any individual.
The 3 significant CCCs do not have piped oxygen center like hospitals. On the flip side, beside IGR, NMC has renovated four of its own hospitals and improved their joint capability to 450 beds. IGR alone contains 130 beds while Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC) in KT Nagar, Isolation Hospital in Imambada, Ayush Hospital in Sadar, and Pachpaoli Maternity Hospital would be others. Though a number of them are operating as walk-in centers for rapid antigen tests, IGR has begun taking in patients, even though only according to the wishes of in-house physicians.
NMC chief medical officer Dr Yogendra Sawai and IGR incharge Dr Kanchan Kimmatkar did not answer TOI’s messages and calls.
IGR has a potential of 130 oxygenated beds such as 10 ICU beds. Last week, the incharge physician and NMC leading officials had defended their stance on not beginning IGR entirely, pleading it didn’t have enough physicians.
Due to bed deficit, government hospitals and trust-run hospitals have begun releasing symptomatic patients, a number of whom have complained of breathlessness.
The IGR has enough oxygen beds as only 10 patients have been admitted at the moment. These admissions are strangely not revealed in the official documents.
On Monday, a group told TOI that despite fall in blood oxygen saturation level in sufferers, IGR was sending them back after a few hours remain. “One individual was sent more than six occasions from IGR to CCC. Government hospitals have ceased taking patients out of CCCs. Consequently they are now able to refer to just two trust-run hospitals that also are complete, and IGR,” the family mentioned.
A physician said IGR has enough staff to guarantee oxygen is readily administered. “Oxygen is the largest remedy for moderate patients. If patients continue moving from 1 spot to another, anything may happen for their own condition,” the doctor warned.


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