More than 100 cattle cruelly hauled via rail to Karnataka dairy farm, 1 expires | Nagpur News


Nagpur: In still another instance of animal cruelty, a first-of-its-kind incident of unkind transport of over 100 cows via a railway has come to the fore in town.
On Tuesday afternoon, animal activists received a telephone from railroad police, alerting them regarding passing of a pregnant cows during transport. According to the specified advice, the animals were transported from Kurukshetra and so were assumed to achieve Karnataka on Wednesday.
While the activists originally suspected the cows were taken for slaughtering, it came to the conclusion they were taken to a dairy farm.
Irked from the cruel process of transport, animal activist Karishma Galani noted the issue to greater railroad police. In accordance with her, various parts of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules, 1978, were broken. “The rules say that just 10 creatures are permitted in 1 container. Nonetheless, in this circumstance, 15-20 creatures were packaged in a container,” she explained.
She added that no sun or ventilation was available for its critters. “According to standards, the cow shouldn’t have been retained alongside other creatures. It’s because of sheer negligence the creature died,” explained Galani.
The activist required a first information report (FIR) from the concerned men and women. “I didn’t receive any assistance from the higher government of railroad. I shall now approach the judiciary,” she said.


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