GMCH forensics dept conducts autopsy on Covid +t murder victim | Nagpur News


Nagpur: Sohankumar Prasad’s murder Saturday was the next instance at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in which a post mortem was conducted on a Covid-19 optimistic body, together with extreme caution and precaution. In August, the very first post mortem of a Covid positive murder victim from Hudkeshwar also had been conducted at GMCH.
The 24-year old victim was stabbed Saturday using a sharp weapon with a small, who was rounded up by MIDC authorities and handed over to the authorities remand house intended for accommodation juveniles in conflict with law.
During a scuffle, Prasad was stabbed near the gate of Priyadarshini College in Hingna on the street behind the shrine of Takiawale Baba. He had been declared dead in Mayo Hospital. It has learnt that the little accused was consuming spirits with buddies when he seen Prasad death by. He demanded for a few cash from Prasad.
Since the victim refused to part with some money, the little stabbed him with a sharp thing, and also the cops are yet to spot. It is learnt Prasad was grievously hurt when cops reached him. He could just faintly say the assailant had utilized a pair of scissors to stab him. The cops said the accused claimed to have used a knife rather than scissors to assault Prasad.
Throughout the continuing pandemic, there were quite a few cases in which victims of accidental and suicide deaths were discovered to be Covid favorable, and their post mortems were off. On the other hand, the homicidal character of Prasad’s death forced the cops to insist on an autopsy.
Resources in GMCH stated forensic staffers conducted the post mortem clad in PPE kit, N95 masks and faceshields too. The tools were later sanitized according to the standards in sodium hypochlorite solution.
“The human body is yet to be disposed as the household members of the victim are to reach from Bihar,” said evaluation officer sub-inspector Nitin Madankar of MIDC police channel.


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