Don Ambekar’s nephew held with MD medications | Nagpur News


Nagpur: In a significant breakthrough, sleuths of crime division have detained four drug peddlers such as nephew of dreaded don Santosh Ambekar and struck a haul of 182. 26 g of mephedrone. The narcotic material is often known as a party medication which goes by the street name of MD.
The raid on the drug retailers was conducted under the advice of deputy commissioner of police Gajanan Rajmane and headed by senior PI Sarthan Nehete. The entire price of the captured mephedrone is anticipated to be approximately Rs5. 50 lakh.
The crime branch sleuths got a tip off that Ambekar’s nephew Sunny Verma was attracting MD into a four-wheeler to Nagpur out of Mumbai. Then, the sleuths laid a trap at Wadi-New Katol Ring Road. The police spotted the vehicle and intercepted it. Even the cops nabbed Sunny Verma, a resident of Itwari, and three of his accomplices Barqat Ali Nisar Khan (32), Sheikh Akbar Ali Shauqat Ali (19) and Siraz Abdul Sattar Khan (42), all inhabitants of Govandi, Mumbai. Throughout search of the automobile, the police discovered 182. 26 g of MD, values Rs5.5 lakh, four cellular phones values Rs1. 72 lakh from their possession. The authorities arrested the automobile valued at Rs8 lakh.
Authorities said three of Verma’s accomplices Ashish Gaiki (a resident of Ayodhya Nagar, Nagpur), Sufiyan Ibrahim (a resident of Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai) and Heena Shah, plus a resident of Mumbai, are still at large.
Authorities said Verma is a notorious offender and has been engaged in Many serious offenses such as extortion, owning prohibited medication etc.


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