Rowdy sheeter detained for burning man residing | Mysuru News


Hassan: Police on Saturday arrested a rowdy sheeter who supposedly burnt a guy alive near Holenarsipur city. The incident, which occurred on August 10, was seized from the neighboring CCTV.
The accused was identified as 40-year-old Mehaboob Khan is the accused from Jandalu village about 2 km from town. He had been reserved as a rowdy sheeter following an effort to murder case.
Based on authorities, Khan broke into a struggle with 48-year-old Ramesh in a wine store near Holenarsipur city on August 9.
Ramesh, a metalworker in the jewelry store run by his dad was living alone after his wife and daughter left , said authorities.
Khan, already desired in an attempt to murder case, found that Ramesh went out his father’s house near the wines store, attracted gas out of his bicycle and came into the place where the victim had been asleep. He pulled Ramesh on the road, poured gas, lit the fire and fled the place. The episode had been recorded in the neighboring CCTV, said the authorities.
Though Ramesh was hurried into the hospital promptly, he reacted to the burns on August 22.
“Ramesh’s spouse has lodged criticism from town channel accusing his brother and relatives of the murder to get land profit,” explained DySP Lakshmegowda.
Hotel raided
SP R Srinivas Gowda on Saturday night ran a random raid in a resort on the outskirts of Channarayapatna after a series of murders in the area. The cops searched vehicles parked at the locale of the resort with an attached bar situated close to Arsikere – Mysuru street approximately 4 km from the city center.


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