Rangayana to document its own performs staged over 3 years | Mysuru News


Mysuru: Rangayana, the greatest theater repertory that was closed for the last two months because of lockdown, will restart its own actions by imitating 100 performs it’s performed/ produced at the past 31 years.
The theater repertory was created at 1989, as a result of the efforts of doyen of Kannada theatre, B V Karanth. The repertory, that has observed C Basavalingaiah, Prasanna, Chidambara Rao Jambe, B Jayashree and many others noticed theater personalities as its own directors, has played countless plays and also invited kids to take up theater.
Since the lockdown has been raised, the police have begun to record all of its plays staged with senior theatre artistes, amateur teams and touring theatre artistes.
Rangayana manager Addanda C Cariappa told TOI that each of the plays will be recorded. “Rangayana will display a 50feet tall painting titled’Sambhavami Yuge Yuge’ by mature artist-designers Dwarakananth and Ranganatha to spread awareness on coronavirus on June 17. The special painting brings corona warriors murdering corona parallel to Lord Krishna killing Kalinga,” he explained.
Cariappa stated they will also felicitate five corona warriors from several departments, such as health, ASHA employees, civic division, to love and acknowledge their own work.
Green place, short term classes
“Karanth had setup Vanaranga to point plays outside and amidst greenery. Taking it further, we’ll develop greenery from the whole assumptions under’Vanaranga Kadu’, a theory comparable to Gurukula. Countless saplings will be planted in the assumptions to make it a miniature woods,” he explained.
Rangayana will begin a three-month route for amateur artistes at 18-30 age category, along with a two-year course for kids, where the courses will be run on Saturdays and Sundays. “The two classes will be provided from August, also in accordance with the government instructions on coronavirus,” he explained.


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